Within the sacred walls... the apartments.

In harmony with the original features of the ancient franciscan monastery, a skilful and accurate reconstruction has rearranged the internal space, creating a mixture of ancient and modern.
Among a symphony of objects d'art that witness a time that was, and an explosion of colours, the farm holidays San Processo, gives you the chance to stay in a spectacular place of great impact, visually and spiritually, which has now been divided in five cosy apartments.
A squared rock spur, once the stronghold of the monastery, a sixteenth-century portal and the many arches frame the apartments (one of which is equipped to host disabled people), provided with a wide living room with kitchenette and an en-suite double room.

Common Services

Large private parking.
Exhibition and tasting room, where guests can taste typical products.
Reading room, for a moment of relaxation in everyday life.
Large green space with tables and chairs.

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